Camp-2: Survey Program to raise awareness on adolescent’s Health

A survey program and a little effort to raise awareness among adolescent’s Health was arranged by Bodlao youth foundation(বদলাও ইয়ূথ ফাউন্ডেশন). Where our health researcher Dr.Halima Kabir Tonni and her team had a conversation and data collection session with some adolescents to improve their health status. Nowadays more than 80% of girls of 10-19 years experience difficulties to share their mental state with family. According to our survey in this survey, more than 80% of girls are suffering from stress, depression and shyness during menstruation and they are not eager to improve their health status by talking to the elder ones. Boys are also facing difficulties to share their psychology. For instance, 74% of boys are suffering from mental distress like anxiety, depression lack of interaction with family, involved in substance misuse.

The adolescent phase is the most important period of human life. During this time hormonal changes cause both physical and psychological changes in teenagers. To maintain this crucial phase we need to support and inspire them to take proper care of their health so they can easily deal with such problematic situations.

Objective of the project

Adolescent Health Care and Raising Awareness

Raising Awareness Among Pregnant Women

Improvement of Physical and Mental Health of Children