Camp-1: Survey of Women on Raising Awareness About Antenatal Care

A survey of women on raising awareness about antenatal care was held on 10th October 2022 which was arranged by Bodlao Youth Foundation ( বদলাও ইয়ূথ ফাউন্ডেশন). Dr.Halima Kabir Tonni(Health researcher) had a conversation with them. She talked to women of that remote area and advised vulnerable women to raise awareness during the whole pregnancy period. During this survey we got to know that most of pregnant women had iron deficiency anaemia (75%) and 68% had history of low birth weight, 80% women did not go for antenatal check up during their first pregnancy, 73% women were multiparous. Our Health researcher Dr.Halima Kabir Tonni worked there with 2 more health researchers- Dr.Farhana Majumdar and Dr.Saima Alom and collected data for further development of pregnant women’s health and also for our research purpose.

Objective of the project

Adolescent Health Care and Raising Awareness

Raising Awareness Among Pregnant Women

Improvement of Physical and Mental Health of Children